<small>Important notes</small> NEW BUILDING <small>Important notes</small> NEW BUILDING

Important notes NEW BUILDING

Make sure you have someone on site who can personally follow up the works (due to the well-known Spanish nonchalance)

Through my career of 35 years in the sector of Building Automation & Control in Belgium, I can say that I am the perfect person to follow your new construction project to the last detail and to strictly supervise the work carried out at every stage of the project. construction.

In new construction projects you can get large discounts and that is usually concealed!

Usually you get the electric devices or an LED lighting package offered for free without having to ask for it, but that is a bonus that is usually given by the contractor himself.

The commissions for an immo office in Spain are high …. so really insist on extra discount though … if you do not do that then you better just buy directly from the contractor, but then you pay for everything the maximum price … also with regard to the lawyers they apply to you.

Such a discount on a new building can quickly be several thousand euros where you can buy furniture for example …. on a villa with pool that is soon 10,000 euros!

Note … in Spain “everyone” can arrange everything for you …. but “everyone” does take his extra commission …… with the result that you paid too much for everything and for that really nothing more, let alone get a better service …… That is one of the pitfalls in Spain ….. most foreigners think “the more I pay the better the service will be” … well after 10 To be present here for a year, I regret to say that the “more expensive birds” will work with me if I can express myself in this way, no guarantee of a better service.

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