The pitfalls The pitfalls

The pitfalls

Always hire a registered lawyer there are a lot of so-called lawyers at work here on the Costa Blanca in itself there is nothing with that but if something goes wrong, those no insurance to pay you compensation a registered lawyer is obliged to have such insurance.

I provide (if you wish and without obligation) a good, affordable and independent and registered lawyer that you need when buying a property in Spain.

Watch out with Portals many real estate agencies place lures very affordable apartments and houses but here in Spain they offer you “alternatives” because most of those offers are already “sold” these lures only serve to bring you in ... it is so transparent but many let themselves be caught (10 years ago I also hear) ... and yes ... once in Of course, you do not want to go home without buying something But do not be foolish … there are thousands of houses for sale so if you do not find anything for the first time, you just go back to house hunting. Never buy anything rushed is the message.

Never register as a customer at an office before you are sure that you will buy with them as well … as previously reported … you can almost buy what property to buy with a broker because almost all brokers with working together … the reason I mention this is the following: once you are registered as a customer at office X then another office can not sell you a house of that broker X anymore ... that is the kind of agreement that the brokers among themselves and that is also strictly observed / followed.

Free inspection trips:

Is another trick to bring you as a customer … but remember: free does not exist … in one way or another you pay that back and forth! (more expensive attorney fees, more expensive NIE, Proxy, handling costs, etc.

By the way if you read the fine print of his inspection trip: when you do not buy a property you have to pay everything (hotel, flight, restaurant).

When purchasing a home you need a NIE number almost all offices charge you 300 euros (150 € per person) I do that free for you (you only take the passport photos and the only cost you have to pay is the tax stamp of 9.6 euros) If you need a proxy You also only pay the “Spanish” price with us, ie € 120 for the 2 persons NIE and power of attorney included).

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