Dear Spain enthusiast

The purchase process in Spain is completely different from Belgium but the brokers in Spain work in a totally different way than ours …. That’s why I put together this purchase guide.

Next in this brochure you will find how a purchase goes step by step in Spain … and I have included two calculation examples so you can check what the real purchase price is with all costs included.

Second-hand housing

You can find the same property on many websites at different offices … That is normal in Spain.

This is because most of the offices in Spain work together and in the sale the commission is then simply divided between both offices.

The customer therefore no longer pays euro and this system gives you the freedom to choose which office you want to work with. This also has the advantage, among other things, that you do not have to make appointments with different offices to view the houses that you have found on the net.

So you simply make a selection of the homes of your preference and send this list to the broker who enjoys your trust and with whom you want to go. This broker will contact the other offices and arrange appointments in advance to visit the relevant properties.

This way of working also has other advantages because the handling costs can vary from office to office. I know offices that ask for handling up to 4700 euro for an apartment of 50,000 euros. This is in addition to the 10% purchase tax and notary fees! Looking out is the message and choose an office that uses fair … read …. spanish … prices for the processing of your purchase.

Unfortunately, there are many offices that benefit from the ignorance and fear of the foreign buyer / investor who wants to buy a house in Spain … and take extra profit under the guise of .. “You have to pay attention here in Spain and we check everything”

Ownership certificate, energy certificate, documents confirming that the house is debt-free in the area of loans, electricity bills, water consumption, Suma (municipal taxes)

and that a valid habitability certificate can be submitted and legality certificate of the land registry with any illegal or still non-regularized renovations, outbuildings and / or swimming pool.

These cases are all the time checked by a registered lawyer and must be presented on the day of the deception of the deed at the notary.
The possible costs of this are fully at the expense of the seller … is there possibly still an account open the day of the notary then you notice as buyer nothing but the amount due of the outstanding account is reduced from the amount that the buyer receives ….. but in principle all this is already cleared and cleared beforehand … except sometimes when there is very little time between signing the sales agreement and the day of the notary.

Decision: the buyer is now protected in Spain … but you have to take care of a “registered” lawyer who checks all this and hands over the necessary documents to the notary ….

This lawyer also takes care of the automatic changeover of all energy counters to the name of the new owners … and in the case of new construction the lawyer provides for the opening / installation of the new energy meters because the show- and completed houses are connected on the counters of the contractor.

The sales price (asking price) on the web pages is always included with the commission of the office, both for the second-hand homes and the new construction projects (apartments, houses, villas)

At second-hand homes you can (always recommend) always always make an offer … everything depends on the selling party of course where it suits … but who does not dare not win … a good broker will always help to get the bottom out of the can.


Each real estate agent can offer you a dwelling of one person who sells a contractor.

So the broker is really just an intermediary.

It comes down to working with a broker who can give you the best conditions!

Be careful here the prices on the websites are as good as always prizes.

Usually there are many options to pay extra: the lighting packages, kitchen appliances, shower screens, swimming pool, sunshades, furniture, sometimes cellar, sometimes roof terrace, etc.

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